Hartmut Engel, filmography


Max Schmeling

- Animator on a CG airplane attack (VFX, live action feature)

Die Geschichte der Ozeane
- Character Animator on CG sea creatures for an infotainment TV mini series based on a book by Frank Schätzing
Die Siedler 7

- Character Animator on CG characters for the game commercial (TV)

Planet 51

- Character Animator on various CG lead and side characters (full CG animation feature)

2008 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

- Character Animator on various CG characters and CG prosthetics (live action FX feature)

Hexe Lilli - Prop Rigger on a CG book prop (live action FX feature)

2007 Das Geheimnis von Loch Ness (TV)

- Character Animator on CG character "Oki" in the German live action TV movie

2006 Urmel voll in Fahrt

- Character Animator on some shots for the cartoon character "Urmel" and others (full CG animation feature)

Lauras Wheihnachtsstern (DVD) - Character Animator (Motion Builder) helping out animating in a few scenes of the full CG christmas (straight to DVD) special

Donkey Xote - Character Animator on various lead & secondary characters, including Don Quixote, Sancho, Heraldo and others (full cg animation feature)

2005 Hui Buh - Das Schlossgespenst

- Character Animator on the lead character "Hui Buh", a full cg ghost in a live action feature film.

Urmel aus dem Eis - Character Animator for the cartoon character "Wawa" and some others (full cg animation feature)

2004 Fateless

- A feature film about a boy during the Second World War. It required digital set extensions of destroyed environments. I did some CG shot finalizing on a few shots in which CG ruins had to be added to live action plates.

Tsunami (TV) - A German TV desaster movie which had a Tsunami wave as topic. My task on this job was to tweak the wave's shader for a few shots, which were to be composited into life action areal plates showing real water surfaces. Ironically reality caught up in Asia after I had just finished my job two weeks earlier!

FC Bayern Magazin/DSF (TV) - Technical Animator for the opening sequence of this German weekly football (soccer) fan bulletin.

WM Countdown/DSF (TV) - Technical Animator for the opening sequence of this German weekly football (soccer) talk show.

Virtual Actors (Research)

- Character Animator w/emphasis on Facial Animation & LipSync on a test character of an advanced Facial Setup research project at the Institute of Animation, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

EM Talk/DSF (TV) - Technical Animator for a German soccer talk show opening sequence, creating a 3D ribbon that is running through and integrated into various (3D tracked) life action plates and eventually results in the talk show logo.

2003 Back To Gaya

- Character Animator on lead character "Zino" & mud frog (sec. char.)
- Technical Animator of racing cars in car crash sequence

Disney Playhouse (TV) - Technical Animator & additional Texturing/Modeling
(Watch movies here and here.)

2000 -
Till Eulenspiegel/Jester Till

- CG Supervisor, Character TD, Props TD, Data Base Programer (MS Access)
Rebuilding the CG department; Inhouse teaching of 3D Software; Creating integrated CG-components (props, secondary characters, CG skeleton army, environments) for traditional 2D animation

2001 Big Game (short)

- Character Animator & Character TD (rigging & additional modeling) for CG creature in live action short film

The Shark and the Piano (short)

- Technical Director/Animator, animated school of fish, crashing mirror, moving 3D camera within 2D environment
- FX Compositing (Digital Fusion)

Help, I'm a Fish/
"Hilfe, ich bin ein Fisch"
- Digital Compositor (Digital Fusion) creating the animated opening title logo for the German theatrical release
Chipsfrisch Oriental (TV)

- Technical Director (Modeling, Texturing) for TV Commercial, creating "realistical" oriental village turning into product logo on camera truck-out

Catching the Stars
(EXPO 2000)

- Character Animator & Character TD (modeling, texturing, rigging) of digital manta rays in opening sequence (watch Quicktime movie here)

1999 Sortec (EXPO 2000)

- Technical Animator (& additional Texturing) of industrial devices and disposal items

Intersnack "Pom-Bär" (TV) - Character Animator for TV Commercial

1998 The 13th Floor

- Technical Director/Animator (visual effects) on digital traffic/environment/extras/props in historical scenes for live action feature film

1997 Helicops (TV Series)

- Digital Effects Supervisor, building up & teaching new Digital department (CG & Compositing), creating digital helicopter visual effects sequences for live action TV series, including extensive use of (at that time new to the market) 3D tracking software 3D Equalizer

Hey Guy (short) - Character Animator & Character TD & writer/director for full CG animation short film

1995 -
Independence Day "ID4"

- CG-Supervisor, Technical Animator, Technical Director (Modeling, Texturing, Rendering) on CG aerial dogfights & alien destruction beam sequences for live action feature film

1994 Marianengraben (TV)

- Digital Effects Supervisor, CG Technical Animator, CG Technical Director on full CG deep sea visual effects
- Compositor (Quantel Harry)
on actor multiplicating sequences

Ah, Pook Is Here (short) - Digital Compositor (Quantel Harry) on Puppet Animation short film

1993 Der letzte Kosmonaut (TV)

- Digital Compositor (Quantel Harry) for visual effects sequences of TV movie

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