Hartmut Engel


3D Computer Animation

Character Animation Showreel 2010
1 Min.20 Sec. - 7.5Mb
(updated May 02, 2010)



My VFX-Showreel can be reviewed here.


Showreel Work Breakdown:

Urmel aus dem Eis Urmel aus dem Eis

In these shots (and many more in the full movie) I animated the character "Wawa" the lizard. When all "Wawa" shots for the movie were finished I helped out animating other characters, such as king "Pumponel".
All character animations are keyframe animation.

Hui Buh Hui Buh

I animated the character "Hui Buh" (the ghost) in all shown shots and in many more shots in the full movie.
All character animations are keyframe animation.

Planet 51 Planet 51

I animated all lead characters in the shown shots (and in other shots in the full movie), as well as some secondary characters.
All character animations are keyframe animation.

Narnia: Prince Caspian Narnia:
Prince Caspian

These shots called for CG head replacements and facial animations (i.e. the Minotaur), as well as leg replacements on other characters. Additionally I animated background mouse characters of the reepicheep posse (not shown).
All animations are keyframe animation.

The Showreel is also available on DVD at request (NTSC or PAL)